Welcome To Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

If you are looking to grow hydroponically and increase your yield we recommend you take a look at this fantastic range of hydroponic systems. Poseidon Hydroponic Systems have been designed for all growers novice and pro and include some of the most innovative ideas to make your crops cycle a pure success.

All Poseidon Hydroponic Systems are a plug and play design requiring no cutting or drilling of any parts, simply set out the pieces and connect them all together with the pipe work supplied.

Hydroponic cultivation requires the nutrient solution to be regularly changed, so being able to drain down the system makes a lot of sense, either through gravity or automatically pumped.

All modular systems are manufactured with specific plant spacing's, but if the size does not fit your area we can make the adjustments for it to suit, decreasing or increasing the dimension.


Your service has been excellent and I cannot praise you enough for your design, it has it all. Looking forward to completing my first grow in your Trident, will let you know how it goes peeps!


Hope you liked pics, as you can see the size of our plants is now amazing, the growth rate with Cyclops Bubble Tanks is crazy and can't wait to see yield.

Anna Malkovich

Okay lets start with the Kraken design, faultless. Been growing for many years hydroponically and have finally found a Kraking system that does what it should, guys I cant thank you enough.

Steve Buzzard